Salvador Llopis

Cybersecurity Space Operation Center: Countering Cyber Threats in the Space Domain

Book chapter

Salvador Llopis, Robert Mazzolin, Ioannis Kechaoglou, Douglas Wiemer, Wim Mees, Jean Muylaert


Handbook of Space Security - Policies, Applications and Programs - Second Edition


A comparative analysis of visualisation techniques to achieve cyber situational awareness in the military

Conference paper

Salvador Llopis, Javier Hingant, Israel PĂ©rez, Manuel Esteve, Federico Carvajal, Wim Mees, Thibault Debatty


2018 International Conference on Military Communications and Information Systems (ICMCIS)

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Achieving cyber situation awareness through a multi-aspect 3D operational picture

Conference paper

Wim Mees, Salvador Llopis, Thibault Debatty


Proceedings of the NATO IST-148 Symposium on Cyber Defense Situational Awareness

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