GIT, GitLab and Continuous Integration for Python developers

GitLab Python DevOps

A Version Control System like git is an extremely powerful tool for developers. It allows to easily keep track of project evolution, to work in an organized way, to efficiently work in group, and to implement automatic testing (continuous integration).


During this course you will learn:

  • how to use git locally to keep track of the versions of your project;
  • how to use GitLab to manage your project (clone, pull and push with an SSH key, issues management,;
  • how to implement continuous integration for a Python project.

Hands-On Training

This course has lots of integrated exercises so you can directly apply what you learn.


To follow this course you will need a computer (preferably Linux) with:

  • git installed;
  • a web browser.


To participate in this course you should have some experience with the command line.

You should also have some experience with programming. The examples will be given in Python, but the code is extremely simple. So any programming language will be sufficient.