Teaching tools and techniques

How (and why) to use TeX Live

LaTeX may be almost 40 years old now (first release dates from 1984), it is still a very active ecosystem. On CTAN, more than 100 packages are created or updated every month. To get the best results for your book or paper, you should keep your LaTeX packages updated. This is precisely the goal of TeX Live...

CyberChef, the Cyber Swiss Army Knife

Don't remember all the command line tools or which parameters go where? At some point getting lost in all these terminal screens running different algorithms one after the other? Let CyberChef prepare and cook all this for you!

Download BigBlueButton recordings as videos

BigBlueButton is a great platform for online teaching. It has many features like built-in drawing tools (even supports multi-user drawing), breakout rooms, chat, shared notes, polling, screen sharing, session recording etc. But, the recorded sessions are no actual videos.

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