Cyber Awareness Training

This 2 days training is a typical cyber-risk awareness course. It is intended for nearly any staff member, from higher management to entry-level staff.

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GIT, GitLab and Continuous Integration for Python developers

GitLab Python

A Version Control System like git is an extremely powerful tool for developers. It allows to easily keep track of project evolution, to work in an organized way, to efficiently work in group, and to implement automatic testing (continuous integration).

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Incident Response Training

This 5 days training is intended for staff members working in IT functions, such as members of IT support teams or software developers. These people will be directly confronted to ICT problems and therefore need to have the necessary skills to be able to quickly identify a problem as a cyber-incident and react appropriately while correctly preparing for a forensic analysis, even though the investigation itself may be performed by another dedicated team or by an external contractor.

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