SIFT workstation : fix error 'Global symbol "$plugindir" requires explicit package name'


If you are using the current version of the SIFT workstation, the installed version of RegRipper has a bug that shows the following error message: 'Global symbol "$plugindir" requires explicit package name'. Luckily this bug is easy to fix. Here is how...

Continuous Deployment with GitLab and docker-compose

GitLab Docker DevOps

In this blog post we will show how to implement continuous deployment with GitLab and docker compose. More precisely, we will show how to use a gitlab-ci pipeline to:

Building Your Bash Toolkit: Simplifying Key-Value Extractions with `extract_value`

CSC bash Tools Bash-Toolkit

In our previous post of the Building Your Bash Toolkit series, we delved deep into the process_args function, a utility that enables our bash scripts to handle both piped and direct inputs effortlessly. With that power in hand, we are set to further simplify some of the common bash scripting tasks.

Ethereum under the hood

Blockchain Ethereum

If you have already looked at blockchain technology, you might have noticed that two different names are often opposed:

Building Your Bash Toolkit: Creating a Dynamic Argument Processor in Bash

CSC bash Tools Bash-Toolkit

In the inaugural blog post of our Building Your Bash Toolkit series, we embarked on a journey to simplify our Bash interactions. Today, we dive deeper, introducing a utility function, process_args, that seamlessly merges both direct and piped inputs.

Building Your Bash Toolkit: Getting Started

CSC bash Tools Bash-Toolkit

Welcome to the first installment of our series on developing your own set of Bash tools. For those who frequently work in the terminal, you'll understand the immense value in having a suite of custom tools tailored to your needs. This series aims to guide you in building that toolkit, ensuring you streamline and simplify those recurring actions in the terminal.

Recovering deleted files with Foremost

Forensics Windows Kali Linux Teaching

Sometimes it happens that files we did not want to delete are removed from the computer or external drives, or in the case of forensics analysis, we want to look for files that were previously on the system, but now are gone. Luckily, there are still ways to recover such data with relative ease!

We are recruiting a Research Coordinator


We are looking for a new colleague to help us manage research projects and researchers...

Deploy smart contract to a local blockchain

Blockchain Smart Contract Ethereum

When starting to develop a smart contract it can sometimes be difficult and confusing how to deploy them and test them. You have the well known online tools like remix but sometimes you prefer to do stuff locally.

Install a recent kernel on Ubuntu

Sysadmin Linux

Even if you are regularly updating your Ubuntu system, you may be running a relatively old version of the kernel. At the time of writing (28 August 2023), Ubuntu 22.04 ships with a kernel numbered 5.15.0, which was release on 31 October 2021. This is more than 2 years ago...

Cyber Summer School


This week we are hosting the Cyber Summer School organized in collaboration with the Cyber Command.

Changing Docker's default subnet IP range

Docker Linux Windows

Docker containers have become widely used to deploy and maintain critical parts of infrastructure. The problem is that sometimes some of the containers running may interfere with other parts of the network.

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