Funded projects

Artificial Intelligence Intrusion Detection Cyber Ranges Certification & Accreditation Phishing Offensive Security Applied Cryptography All
DAP/23-02 Autonomous Cyber Red Teaming System (ACRES) August 2024 August 2028 Artificial Intelligence Cyber Ranges Offensive Security Scheduled
DAP/22-13 Automated red teaming for cyber range-based training August 2024 August 2028 Cyber Ranges Offensive Security Scheduled
DAP/24-05 Multi-agent System For Advanced Persistent Threat Detection January 2024 December 2027 Intrusion Detection Artificial Intelligence Active
DAP/22-02 AI4Cyber January 2024 December 2027 Artificial Intelligence Active
DAP/22-03 Using blockchain to secure the software supply chain August 2023 August 2027 Applied Cryptography Active
AMC3 Automated Methodology for Common Criteria Certification January 2024 August 2027 Certification & Accreditation Active
DAP/23-05 Self Learning Attack surface Explorer (SLATE) June 2023 June 2027 Artificial Intelligence Offensive Security Active
ACTING Advanced European platform and network of Cybersecurity training and exercises centres December 2022 December 2026 Cyber Ranges Active
DAP/22-E02 Certification of software for use in military networks October 2021 October 2025 Certification & Accreditation Active
DAP/22-E01 Linux penetration testing October 2021 October 2025 Offensive Security Active
DAP/20-01 Security issues related to SS7 and Diameter June 2020 June 2025 Artificial Intelligence Intrusion Detection Active
CE CyberExcellence June 2023 June 2025 Active
DAP/20-07 Social Driven Vulnerability Assessment (SDVA) against phishing March 2020 March 2024 Artificial Intelligence Phishing Finished
DAP/20-03 Building a multi-agent system for APT detection December 2019 December 2023 Intrusion Detection Artificial Intelligence Finished
ECHO European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations December 2019 December 2023 Cyber Ranges Finished
SIC/11 Distributed semi-supervised clustering for Advanced Persistent Threats detection June 2019 June 2022 Intrusion Detection Artificial Intelligence Finished
SIC/12 Building a multi-agent system for APT detection August 2014 August 2018 Artificial Intelligence Intrusion Detection Finished
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