GitLab monitoring and security

GitLab is a powerful source code management software that allows to manage the complete DevOps lifecycle: it offers code management with git, jobs and pipelines to test and deploy the code, operations monitoring and issue tracking to plan the next release.

However, it lacks (especially the community edition) some features to monitor the GitLab instance itself. But it provides a nice REST API, which would allow to implement a third party management and security app.


The goal of this project is to develop a web application, relying on GitLab's REST API, that allows to monitor the GitLab instance and check for security issues. Possible functionalities include:

  • detect and disable inactive users;
  • detect compromised accounts (based on geographic login location for example);
  • detect accounts using GitLab jobs to perform cryptomining;
  • mail all users;
  • bulk account creation;
  • ...

Expected outcome

  • source code of the app on our GitLab server;
  • the application deployed and running to monitor our GitLab instance;
  • 1 blog post describing the app (features, installation, usage);
  • 1 poster describing the app;
  • a project report documenting the implementation.

Required skills

To start this project you should have some basic knowledge of the PHP programming language.

Tools and technologies

To achieve this project, you will learn and use following tools and technologies:

  • develop a web application with the Laravel framework;
  • use git to manage your project;
  • use GitLab to implement Continuous Implementation (CI);
  • deploy a web application with Docker.


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