These previous weeks, some blog posts about OSINT were published on this website. Maybe you want to use these tips in some practical cases or exercises.

OSINT - Simple tips #5 - Email addresses

This blog post will talk about email addresses.

OSINT - Simple tips #4 - Usernames

This new post on the OSINT field will discuss usernames.

OSINT - Simple tips #3 - Google Dorks

In the OSINT field, perform good queries in search engines is very important. Search engines collect a lot of data every day and it could be very difficult and challenging to find good information.

OSINT - Simple tips #2 - Facebook

This second blog post on the OSINT field will talk about Facebook. Again, it is a really simple tip but very interesting.

OSINT - Simple tips #1 - Linkedin

OSINT, for Open Source INTelligence, is the process of searching for, gathering and analyzing data found from public sources. The data are accessible without breaking into any systems (hacking, phishing, etc.). Sometimes, data are behind a paywall (it is necessary to pay a monthly subscription to have access to some specific data) but a lot are easily accessible with the right tricks.

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