Advanced European platform and network of Cybersecurity training and exercises centres

Cyber Ranges



European Defence Fund (EDF)

December 2022 December 2026

49 months

Paloma de la Vallée

ACTING project delivers an organized and coordinated approach to proactively improve efficiency of cyber defence training and exercises in the European Union, through effective and efficient multi-sector collaboration. The 28 Partners, from 13 MSs, supported by 6 MODs, will execute on a 48-month work plan to develop, model and demonstrate a network of advanced interconnected (federated) domain oriented cyber ranges for training and exercises, incorporating sophisticated methods and techniques for simulation of users, analysis of the performance of the cyber operators, and scoring cyber security situational awareness, supported by leading-edge scenario development language.

The ACTING project integrates study, design, prototyping, and testing activities in the domain of cyber security. In order to justify the capabilities of the proposed approach and resulting tools and platform, based on the Main High-level requirements and the 2018 CDP Priorities, 3 (three) representative defence oriented use cases were developed. Use cases include:

  1. Combined cyber attacks against joint HQ, Land and Navy CIS systems;
  2. Space-Maritime (Transportation/Military) Sectors;
  3. Cascading effect for cyber-attack in civilian sector.

A light NAT router and DHCP server with Alpine Linux

Cyber Range Sysadmin Cyrange

Alpine Linux is a very light Linux distribution, that can run with less than 100MB of harddisk space. Here is how to configure Alpine Linux to run as a NAT router and DHCP server.

Orchestration script to simulate user activity on multiple machines thanks to the GHOSTS framework

Offensive Security Cyber Range

The GHOSTS Framework is an open-source project created by Dustin Updyke, a cybersecurity researcher from the Carnegie Mellon University. It's a framework which offers a way to simulate user activity, usually for cyber awareness trainings or research in the field of cyber defense.

Cyrange : firewall configuration

Cyrange Cyber Range

The cyrange Cyber Range is composed of multiple docker containers. After installation, here is how to configure your firewall to allow communication between the different components...

Create your own VM image for the Cyber Range

Cyrange Cyber Range

cyrange is a Cyber Range platform built on top of VirtualBox. It brings some some additional features to support education and training:

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