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Jul 4, 2022 by Thibault Debatty | 1197 views

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This year we are starting a new project entitled "Using blockchain to secure the software supply chain". To work on this project, we are hiring a new researcher in cyberdefense.


The project

When developing software, developers and companies usually rely on numerous external libraries. According to GitHub State of the Octoverse Report 2019, open-source projects have an average of 180 package dependencies. The same goes for commercial and closed-source software, although no official numbers are available. For an attacker, it is enough to compromise one of these dependencies to break into the network or data of the final user of the software. This technique has proven extremely effective, and hence is increasingly used by attackers. This supply chain attack technique can be applied to any programming language and dependency management tool: PHP/composer, Python/PIP, DotNET/NuGet, Java/Maven. All these dependency management systems rely on a central system storing the details of available libraries.

In this project, we plan to study how these central systems can be replaced by a distributed system relying on blockchain.

A blockchain system is often compared to a distributed ledger. It allows guaranteeing the integrity of stored data: no record can be inserted or modified in the database of libraries without being detected by the users of the database. This property would allow to create a software supply chain that would be protected against supply chain attacks.

The job

To work on this project, we are hiring a full-time researcher.


To apply for this job:

  • you must have a Master of Science in Cybersecurity, or in Computer Science, or equivalent;
  • some knowledge in Linux and classical development environment (command line, git, ssh etc.) is required;
  • some knowledge in Java or PHP programming language is highly recommended;
  • training or experience in cyber security is an added value, but not required.

Interested? You can find all details and application procedure in the job description:


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