Information gathering with BlackWidow

Jan 10, 2020 by Thibault Debatty | 2249 views

Offensive Security

BlackWidow is a python script that automatically crawls a website to gather information like phone numbers, email addresses, form URL's etc. Very useful during the reconnaissance phase!

The easiest way to use it is using the available docker image:

docker pull cylab/blackwidow:latest
docker run cylab/blackwidow

By default the docker image simply shows the help menu:

You can spider a full domain using

docker run cylab/blackwidow -d

BlackWidow will display quite a lot of debug information, and at the end (or when you hit ctrl + c) it will display the report containing the found URL's, email addresses etc.

If you add the option -s y, BlackWidow will also test all dynamic pages against some OWASP vulnerabilities like XSS, SQL injection, directory traversal, local file inclusion etc...

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