Add users to a group in Nextcloud

If you are administrator of a group in Nextcloud, you have the possibility to create accounts yourself, and to add these new users to your group. Doing so, they will have access to all folders shared with the group. Here is a step-by-step example.

How to upload your files to Nextcloud "File Drop" using curl

Nextcloud is a great tool for self-hosting your data in the vein of Dropbox. It facilitates exchange of information and files in a team, with the extra benefit of providing a robust monitoring and protection capabilities. There are Nextcloud clients available for Windows, Linux and MacOS, which are easy to install and use. With one click you can upload your files to your personal cloud and share them. But sometimes the need arises to upload files from machines that don't use a Graphical user Interface (for example Ubuntu Server distribution). Luckily there exists a way to still be able to upload your files to Nextcloud using the command line and Curl.

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