Visual Analytics

Theory and Methodology applied to understanding data using Visual Analytics

What is Situation Awareness?

Intrusion Detection Visual Analytics APT Detection

The constant stream of data produced daily, the complicated environment and the need for quick reaction to malicious attacks make the life of cyber defense analyst a living nightmare. Many wonder how are we supposed to be able to review the gigabytes of logs produced daily, how can we manage to analyze them all and extract valuable insight into what is happening in the network?

Complicated and Complex Systems- Brief Introduction

Teaching Visual Analytics

We often get confronted by a difficult problem - the lack of understanding of our environment, be that our community, organization or computer network. This originates from the structure of such systems, a finite amount of autonomous parts, which interact constantly with each other and produce unexpected results. Because of this inherent complexity, such systems are aptly named "Complex Systems". There is still some confusion in differentiating Complex Systems from Complicated Systems and in this blog we will try to give a quick overview of each.

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