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Most of the countries around the world are in a more or less hard lockdown. In Europe, some countries are gradually starting to allow certain sports outings, visiting family or opening certain stores. An important fear is a possible second wave of contamination. To prevent that, some governments provide a mobile application to track the virus spreading.

COVID-19 Android Malware

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During each crisis, some people use the fear of the population to make benefit. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis is not an exception. There are a lot of different scams related to COVID-19. And a place where it is easy to perform these scams is on the Internet. Globally, the methods used are the same as before the crisis, but currently, the word, Coronavirus, COVID-19,... inspire fear. Fear lowers the level of caution for a lot of people. The possibility that a phishing campaign works is greater now than a few months ago, for example.

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Training Stay Home Offensive Security Mobile Device Security

On Wednesday 15 April 2020, we are organizing a special training session dedicated to Mobile Devices Security.

Decompile and modify an Android application

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Usually, Android applications are written in Java (or, now, in Javascript) and compiled in a Dalvik bytecode (DEX file). Then, the bytecode is interpreted and executed by the Dalvik Virtual Machine.

Find secret API token in Android application

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In May 2019, Google announced there are 2.5 billion active Android devices. Thereby, most companies develop their own application. Not only the richest companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon,... but also a lot of smaller businesses.

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