Password guessing with Hydra

A password is like a "key" used to open a specific door or vault. In this vault, there can be different personal documents, pictures, banking information... It is obvious that a user wants its personal documents secure. If the "key", therefore the password, is easy to find, the vault can be as strong as you want, it will be easy to open it.

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Pwndrop - Self-hosting payloads

A tedious step for all red-teamers is set up a system to upload payloads on the victim's machine. Kuba Gretzky, the author of Evilginx, released a nice tool to simplify this task.

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Setting up a watering hole attack with metasploit

In recent years we have witnessed multiple organised attacks against countries and companies using malicious code that was distributed via a legitimate website. These types of attacks are called "watering hole attacks" as they target well known and used websites and compromising them. You could compare this to dumping poison or other dangerous chemicals in a pond or well, where your intentions are to target any and all that use that source. One of the more famous such attacks was the CCleaner Watering Hole attack, which used the well-known tool CCleaner to distribute its malicious code.

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