Red Teaming

Mitre Att&ck in Practice - Part II : Caldera

In the first part of Mitre Att&ck in Practice, the Att&ck Navigator and the Atomic Red Team were presented. The Navigator allows to interact with the Att&ck Matrix in a very flexible way. The Atomic Red Team (ART) is a collection of code snippets designed to actually carry out Techniques. The link between an Att&ck Technique and the ART is easily done via the Technique IDs.

Mitre Att&ck in Practice - Part I : Navigator & Atomic Red Team

One of our previous blog post presented the Mitre Att&ck Framework and the associated Mitre Att&ck Matrix. This post is the first of a set of three that will present how to link the Mitre Framework with open source tools to design and test offensive actions in practice.

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