Cyber Range release 0.0.22

Mar 21, 2020 by Thibault Debatty | 1907 views

Cyrange Cyber Range

Today we released version 0.0.22 of our Cyber Range tool.

This version brings:

  • possibility to deploy unsupported virtual machines (including Windows) by skipping guest configuration
  • possibility to indicate a http URL as image in a scenario
  "name":          "dsl",
  "instances":      1,
  "machines": [
    { "image":          "",
      "name":           "dsl",
      "interfaces": [
        { "mode": "bridged",
          "bridge_interface": "INTERNET"}
      "cpu_cap":    50,
      "cpu_count":  2,
      "memory":     1024,
      "remote_desktop": true,
      "configure_guest": false}

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