Our Cyber Range tool

File upload, validation and storage with Laravel

Laravel is a powerful framework, that offers all functionalities required to implement file upload, validation and storage. Here is a complete and concrete example.

A light NAT router and DHCP server with Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux is a very light Linux distribution, that can run with less than 100MB of harddisk space. Here is how to configure Alpine Linux to run as a NAT router and DHCP server.

Cyrange : scenarios

Today we released version 1.1.0 of the cyrange Cyber Range platform. This version brings an important new feature : scenarios. A scenario allows to define a large scale exercise, involving multiple virtual machines, that can be interconnected using a complex network. Moreover, to run the exercise, the cyrange platform will deploy a copy of each defined VM for each trainee. Let's see how...

Cyrange : firewall configuration

The cyrange Cyber Range is composed of multiple docker containers. After installation, here is how to configure your firewall to allow communication between the different components...

Configure Apache reverse proxy in front of cyrange

In a previous blog post, we showed how to install cyrange cyber range web interface using docker-compose. So now the cyrange Docker container is exposed on port 8080 on your server, and the guacamole container is exposed on port 8081. In this blog post we show how to configure Apache as a reverse proxy in front of your containers.

Create your own VM image for the Cyber Range

cyrange is a Cyber Range platform built on top of VirtualBox. It brings some some additional features to support education and training:

Installing the cyrange Cyber Range platform

cyrange is a Cyber Range platform built on top of VirtualBox. Like some other tools, it has a web interface that allows to deploy and manage virtual machines.

Cyber Range release 0.0.22

Today we released version 0.0.22 of our Cyber Range tool.

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