MARk: Visualizations with D3.js

Detecting suspicious or malicious activity in a network is not a trivial task. In recent years the attacks perpetrated have grown in sophistication and frequency. For this reason a new detection tool was developed, in the form of the Multi Agent Ranking framework (MARk). MARk sets the groundwork for the implementation of large scale detection and ranking systems through the implementation of a distributed storage in conjuncture with highly specialized, stand-alone detector agents. The detector agents are responsible for analyzing specific predefined characteristics and producing a report of any suspicious activity encountered.

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Laravel & Vue.js: Quickstart

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that lets you extend HTML elements with embedded JS and CSS to easily create complex user interfaces and single page applications. Easy to integrate with Laravel, this is the perfect combination to draw a line between the front and the back ends while making them both powerful.

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