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Sending SMS with a USB GSM modem (and Python)

SMS Phishing Python Cyber-Wise

Despite its occasional unreliability as seen here and there, SMS remains a common communication method. Before diving into Python, understanding AT commands is a good start for interfacing with a USB GSM modem. This concise guide lays out the steps to integrate SMS functionality into your projects, enabling you to utilize the power of SMS communication with ease.

Fully customizable emails using Laravel 9

PHP Laravel Cyber-Wise

With the release of Laravel 9, the Swift Mailer (that is no longer maintained) has been replaced by the Symfony Mailer. You can already find some useful information about this change along all the other ones in the Upgrade Guide from Laravel 8.x to 9.0. However this guide does not contain enough information if you want to send fully customized emails. This blog post proposes you a solution coming directly from the Symfony documentation!

Secure your project with the GitLab SAST analyzers

Secure Software Development GitLab PHP Cyber-Wise

Learn how to secure any project with the GitLab SAST analyzers and easily separate the false positives from the real threats that should be addressed before deploying the project.

Laravel database transactions & mysqldump

Laravel MySQL PHP Cyber-Wise

Did you know that mysqldump can create inconsistent backups if you do not use database transactions in Laravel? Let's discover that issue and address it in order to avoid it. After setting up and running locally a Laravel project that will serve as a demo for that specific issue, we will observe the necessity of using transactions and how to implement them. We'll also discover many more tips while trying to understand what happens under the MySQL hood.

Laravel optimization : static content caching and cache busting

Laravel Cyber-Wise

Optimizing you web app from the browser side is an important concern, to provide a pleasant experience to your users. It will also reduce the traffic on your servers. In this post we show how to implement static content caching and cache busting on a Laravel application.

Harden your Laravel app with CSP headers

Laravel Secure Software Development Docker Cyber-Wise

CSP (Content Security Policy) reduces the risk of cross-site scripting and other content-injection attacks by defining, at the level of the webserver, a header that whitelists authorized sources of content for your website.

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