Automatic UML diagram generation for Maven projects

Documenting your project is an important part of good software development. Creating and maintaining UML diagrams is one of the things to do. Luckily, there is a maven plugin that does this automatically for you...

Implement a Java detector for the Multi-Agent Ranking framework

In previous blog posts we showed how to inject a stream of data in the Multi-Agent Ranking framework, and how to use the built-in detectors to produce a ranking. This time we show how to implement your own detection algorithms.

Compute code coverage for a multi-module maven project with Jacoco

In a previous blog post, we showed how to use Jacoco to check the code coverage of your tests in a maven Java project. If your project is substantial, you will have multiple maven modules. So how can we compute the global code coverage?

Compute the code coverage of your tests with java and maven

So you have a java project, and Junit tests. But which lines of your code are correctly tested, and more importantly, which lines are not tested?

OWASP Dependency Check for Java

Besides avoiding bug and vulnerabilities in your own code base, creating a secure app requires you make sure that your app doesn't rely on a library that contains vulnerabilities. In any modern project, you will have hundreds of them! Here comes OWASP dependency check to the rescue!

Generate ROC curve and compute AUC in Java

It is very common to implement a model to classify elements in different categories. A very important step in classification is the evaluation of the model efficiency.

Automatic bug detection with SpotBugs and Maven

SpotBugs is a fantastic tool to help you write beter java code! It performs static code analysis (SA) and uses a database of more then 400 bug patterns to detect potential bugs in your code.

A java introduction to OrientDB document database

OrientDB is a NoSQL document database, like the very popular MongoDB. It has some very interesting additional features:

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