Cyber Security Evening

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Yesterday we organized the 2nd session of our cyber security evening. This series of events is a collaboration between the Royal Military Academy and MolenGeek. It aims to contribute to the preparation of the future generation of cyber specialists.

CyberChef, the Cyber Swiss Army Knife

Tools Teaching Training

Don't remember all the command line tools or which parameters go where? At some point getting lost in all these terminal screens running different algorithms one after the other? Let CyberChef prepare and cook all this for you!

Kali Linux and Parrot Sec OS, Penetration Environment Comparison

Offensive Security Pentesting

For years, hackers have been the main characters of movies, books and generally have captured the imagination of regular folks. When we see these hackers use the tools of their trade, we usually see a black screen with green text flashing as fast as possible on the screen, lost in commands and bright flashing lights. This can't be any further from reality, as most hackers will spend hours and days on end to accomplish their tasks, usually staring at a screen, using their programs of choice.

Secure Cookies with Laravel

Secure Software Development Laravel PHP

No. Setting HTTPS is not enough to ensure that your cookies are encrypted. But Laravel proposes some very simple ways to achieve that.

Mobile Phones: Should you be afraid of disclosing your IMSI ?


The smartphone has become so important in daily life that users should be concerned about its security. We try to explain here some reasons to be or not to be afraid about disclosing the IMSI, the subscriber identity number used in the global telecommunication network.

Create (and automatically correct) multiple choice tests with AMC

AMC, for Auto Multiple Choice, is software that allows a teacher to create multiple-choice tests in a very simple way. But, the most interesting part of AMC, is the ability to automatically correct the tests of all students!

Cyrange : firewall configuration

Cyrange Cyber Range

The cyrange Cyber Range is composed of multiple docker containers. After installation, here is how to configure your firewall to allow communication between the different components...

Cloning a disk with CloneZilla


Cloning the old disk or installing the new one from zero? That question crossed many minds and this post might help you finding the answer by explaining how to clone your old disk to a new one using CloneZilla and some disk management tools.

Configure Apache reverse proxy in front of cyrange


In a previous blog post, we showed how to install cyrange cyber range web interface using docker-compose. So now the cyrange Docker container is exposed on port 8080 on your server, and the guacamole container is exposed on port 8081. In this blog post we show how to configure Apache as a reverse proxy in front of your containers.

Laravel optimization : self-hosted fonts


By default, Laravel (and Bootstrap) applications use fonts (like Nunito or Raleway) that are provided and hosted by Google. This is easy to use for developers, but comes with some drawbacks, including a performance penalty. Luckily, there is an open source project that makes it simple to use self-hosted fonts:

Deploy Loki on Kubernetes, and monitor the logs of your pods

Kubernetes Monitoring DevOps

Loki is a log database developed by Grafana Labs. In a previous blog post we have shown how to run Loki with docker-compose. In this blog post we will deploy Loki on a Kubernetes cluster, and we will use it to monitor the log of our pods.

Cyber Security Challenge 2022

News CSC

Cyber Security Challenge 2022 will start in March 2022! It's time to register...

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