Crack a login page : the easy way

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In this blog post, we will show that a login page from a web application can be easily cracked if the application does not implement specific protections against this kind of attack.

VirusTotal, what is it and what is it good for?

If you have ever been a bit paranoid about files you have received per mail, or you work in a sensitive environment, you have searched online for tools which can help you analyze a file and give you a detailed overview if it could be harmful or not. Virustotal is one of the more prominent online services, which offers a way to upload any suspicious files and analyze them.

SQL injection with SQLMap

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Code injection is one of the most critical web application vulnerabilities. Indeed, the consequences of code injection can be dramatic (impact). Moreover, still today a lot of web applications are vulnerable to code injection (frequency). Finally, some tools like SQLMap allow to automatically detect and use these vulnerabilities (exploitation). For this reason, the vulnerability is listed in the top 10 published by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) [1]. In this blog post, we will present one type of code injection, called SQL injection, and we will show how to perform a SQL injection attack with SQLMap.

2022 in numbers


Another year has passed, with once again some achievements! Here is

Filter USB devices with udev (and some PHP code)

Sysadmin PHP

USB devices can be a liability : they can be used to exfiltrate data from a computer or server, to plug a hardware keylogger, or to plant a malware. Hence on a managed computer, USB devices should be filtered and whitelisted. In this blog post we show how this can be achieved thanks to udev, and some PHP code.

Network traffic analysis with Python, Scapy (and some Machine Learning)

Python Monitoring

Scapy is a wonderful Python library that allows to craft packets and send them on a network. In this blog post we show how Scapy can be used to read a pcap file, in order to detect abnormal behavior.

Install and use different versions of PHP

PHP Sysadmin

When working on different projects, you may have to switch between different versions of PHP. In this blog post we show how to install and use different versions PHP on Ubuntu.

Share on Mastodon with shareon.js

JavaScript Laravel Fediverse

With recent events on Twitter, the micro-blogging network Mastodon has gained a lot of interest. Unlike Twitter, Mastodon is free and open-source software. Moreover, Mastodon uses a decentralized approach: the Mastodon network is composed of multiple instances managed by different suppliers, each with its own code of conduct, terms of service, privacy policy, privacy options, and moderation policies. If you want to support the network, here is how you can add 'Share on Mastodon' icons on your website.

Install Kubernetes on Ubuntu 22.04 with MicroK8s


Kubernetes is a complex beast, with lots of available drivers and plugins to handle different types of clusters. For example, to handle networking between pods in the cluster, you must install a CNI (Container Network Interface) plugin like Flannel, Calico, Weave Net, Cilium or other. To handle storage and volumes, you can install one of multiple CSI (Container Storage Interface) plugins like CephFS, GlusterFS, Google Cloud Storage etc. In this blog post we show how to use MicroK8s to simplify the installation process.

Hardening Apache

Secure Software Development

The example below provides some sound configuration parameters for Apache, to help protect your web application. These values can naturally be tweaked for your particular app.

We are coaching students for the Cyber Security Challenge

News Press review CSC

We are currently organizing coaching sessions in preparation for the Cyber Security Challenge that will take place in March. Students from the Royal Military Academy and from Molengeek are participating. Check the publication on BelDefNews...

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