Our Multi-Agent Ranking framework.

MARk: Visualizations with D3.js

Detecting suspicious or malicious activity in a network is not a trivial task. In recent years the attacks perpetrated have grown in sophistication and frequency. For this reason a new detection tool was developed, in the form of the Multi Agent Ranking framework (MARk). MARk sets the groundwork for the implementation of large scale detection and ranking systems through the implementation of a distributed storage in conjuncture with highly specialized, stand-alone detector agents. The detector agents are responsible for analyzing specific predefined characteristics and producing a report of any suspicious activity encountered.

MARk : add images to your detection reports

Since version 2.6.0, the Multi-Agent Ranking framework (MARk) offers the possibility to integrate images and other files in the reports generated by your detectors. Here is how...

MARk : use built-in file data source

The Multi-Agent Ranking framework (MARk) allows to quickly build ranking and detection systems by combing building blocks. In this blog post, we show how to use the file data source to inject data into the system...

Multi-Agent Ranking framework : test the online demo

The Multi-Agent Ranking framework (MARk) is a generic server that allows to easily build large scale detection and ranking systems. It provides a web interface, a distributed execution framework for detection algorithms, storage for data and detection results, and an easy to configure triggering mechanism.

Implement a Java detector for the Multi-Agent Ranking framework

In previous blog posts we showed how to inject a stream of data in the Multi-Agent Ranking framework, and how to use the built-in detectors to produce a ranking. This time we show how to implement your own detection algorithms.

MARk : Use built-in detectors

Now that you have a running MARk server, with data flowing in, you can use the provided algorithms to build your detection chain.

Getting started with MARk : create a PHP data injector

The Multi-Agent Ranking framework (MARk) aims to provide all the building blocks that are required to build large scale detection and ranking systems. For this blog post we will use docker and docker-compose to run a MARk server, then we will use PHP and composer to inject data in the framework.

Multi-Agent Ranking framework version 2 is out

This week we released a new major version of the Multi-Agent Ranking framework (MARk). This version brings two main changes:

MARK release 0.0.28

Today we released version 0.0.28 of our Multi-Agent Ranking Framework (MARK).

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