Record and share your terminal sessions with asciinema


If you want to share a terminal session, you can record a video of your terminal window, and share it on something like YouTube or vimeo. Or you can can use asciinema! asciinema actually only records the text input and output of your terminal (stdin, stdout and stderr). This means that the recordings are extremely light (it only contains text and timing), while the text remains perfectly readable. You can also easily share and embed your recordings on your website using some javascript code.

Testing with Selenium and PHPUnit

PHP DevOps

In this blog post we continue our series about testing a web application with Selenium. This time we will show how to integrate Selenium with PHPUnit tests and assertions.

MARk : use built-in file data source


The Multi-Agent Ranking framework (MARk) allows to quickly build ranking and detection systems by combing building blocks. In this blog post, we show how to use the file data source to inject data into the system...

Force https with HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)

Secure Software Development

Once you have https enabled for your website (with Letsencrypt for example), you should make sure all your users use the secure version of the site. Typically this done using a redirect. However this still leaves a window of opportunity (the initial HTTP connection) for an attacker to downgrade or redirect the request. With a Strict Transport Security header, you can force a browser to only connect to your server using HTTPS.

Laravel optimization : static content caching and cache busting

Laravel Cyber-Wise

Optimizing you web app from the browser side is an important concern, to provide a pleasant experience to your users. It will also reduce the traffic on your servers. In this post we show how to implement static content caching and cache busting on a Laravel application.

Harden your Laravel app with CSP headers

Laravel Secure Software Development Docker Cyber-Wise

CSP (Content Security Policy) reduces the risk of cross-site scripting and other content-injection attacks by defining, at the level of the webserver, a header that whitelists authorized sources of content for your website.

Exposing a Kubernetes application : Service, HostPort, NodePort, LoadBalancer or IngressController?


Having your app running on Kubernetes is one important step. Now you have to make this killer app accessible from the Internet. And as usual with Kubernetes, there are a lot of possibilities Here are a few definitions and examples to help you understand your choices...

HTTP benchmarking with wrk2

DevOps GitLab

One important step of any DevOps toolchain consists in testing the performance of the web application before the new version is deployed in production. HTTP benchmarking is a complex subject as a lot of parameters intervene in the perceived performance of the application.

Avoid Docker Hub pull limit with Gitlab

GitLab Docker

If you are familiar with Docker, you most likely know Docker Hub. For the others, a quick definition: Docker Hub is a service for finding and sharing container images. It is the world largest container image repository. It is widely used around the world

What is and why you should use it

Tools Markdown

In everyday life we need to constantly keep ourselves reminded of important information. Some people write this information on post-it notes, notebooks or using programs such as Microsoft Word or Google Notes. The problem is, that information is in itself transitive- one piece of data or a note can lead to another one and it can become cumbersome and difficult to follow the trail of information. Our brain works the same way, usually we store information by association- to remember a fact, we try to think, for example, of where we learned the fact, or who told it to us, and follow the links to the information we try to remember.

Install and use Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) on Ubuntu


Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) is a Dell utility to monitor your Dell servers. Here is how to install and use OMSA on a Ubuntu server...

Bpost Android Malware


Recently, a lot of people received several text messages about a parcel delivered by Bpost. The message asks you to click on a link. Of course, this text message is a spam and most of the recent Android devices classify this message in a Spam section automatically. However, because a lot of people are ordering on the Internet, this message could seem legitimate.

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