Dockerize your Laravel app

Laravel PHP Docker

For this tutorial we will start with a very simple Laravel app that has no database, or that uses a sqlite database located in the storage directory. The main goal is to show you the main pitfalls to keep in mind when dockerizing a Laravel application.

Static code analysis for Laravel

PHP Laravel

In a previous blog post we presented PHPStan, a static code analyzer for PHP. If you are developing a Laravel application, you can of course use PHPStan to validate your code. However, Laravel has a lot of subtleties and auto-magic that make static code analysis challenging. This is where Larastan comes into play: a wrapper around PHPStan that adds support specifically for Laravel.

OWASP Dependency Check for Java

Secure Software Development Java

Besides avoiding bug and vulnerabilities in your own code base, creating a secure app requires you make sure that your app doesn't rely on a library that contains vulnerabilities. In any modern project, you will have hundreds of them! Here comes OWASP dependency check to the rescue!

MASFAD 2 at EDA CapTech Cyber

APT Detection MASFAD

Today we are proud to present the Multi-Agent System for APT Detection project (MASFAD 2) at the first meeting of the Capability Technology Area Cyber (CapTech Cyber) of the European Defense Agency (EDA).

Publish GitLab notifications to Mattermost

Secure Software Development GitLab

Mattermost is a wonderful messaging and collaboration tool for developer teams. It is also a great open source alternative to Slack. In this short blog post we show how to connect Mattermost and GitLab together.

Security Onion : Getting started


Security Onion is a great tool that combines full packet capture, intrusion detection (snort and bro) and the elasticsearch-logstash-kibana (ELK) stack to store and visualize your security data. Let's see how to get started...

We are hiring!

News Jobs

We are looking for a new colleague to help us on a project related to social engineering.

Detect unused composer dependencies

PHP Secure Software Development

If you are using composer to manage the dependencies of your PHP project (and you certainly should), it is very easy to end up using a lot of dependencies. And if your project lives long enough, some (or lots of them) will not be used anymore.

How to aggregate scores in a multi-heuristic detection system : A comparison between WOWA and Neural Networks

APT Detection

Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly complex and therefore require more sophisticated detection systems. A lot of these are actually combine multiple detection algorithms. A crucial step is then to aggregate all detection scores correctly.

Implement CRUD operations in Laravel, and automatic code generation

Laravel PHP

When working with model objects in Laravel, you will typically have to implement the CRUD operations: Create, Read, Update and Delete objects from the database. To support these operations you will need to write:

Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) with arpspoof

Offensive Security

In this post we show how to easily perform a L2 man-in-the-middle attack using arpspoof on a standard Ubuntu computer...

Mobile Device Security Training

Training Stay Home Offensive Security Mobile Device Security

On Wednesday 15 April 2020, we are organizing a special training session dedicated to Mobile Devices Security.

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