Using font awesome in a Laravel project


Font Awesome is a fantastic icon set to improve your web application. The integration in Laravel requires a few additional steps...

Avoid leaking secrets in your GitLab repository


Shit happens! Chances are great that you or one of the developers in your team will one day commit a file containing secrets or private keys to a public GIT repository...

Automatic bug detection with SpotBugs and Maven


SpotBugs is a fantastic tool to help you write beter java code! It performs static code analysis (SA) and uses a database of more then 400 bug patterns to detect potential bugs in your code.

GitLab : Automatically testing your Python project

GitLab Python

Whatever programming language your are using for your project, GitLab continuous integration system (gitlab-ci) is a fantastic tool that allows you to automatically run tests when code is pushed to your repository. Java, PHP, Go, Python or even LaTeX, no limit here! In this blog post we review a few examples for the Python programming language.

ECHO Project : Kick Off Meeting

ECHO (European network of Cybersecurity centres and competence Hub for innovation and Operations) is a project funded by the European Commission to establish and operate a Cybersecurity Competence Network. The project was officially launched today at the Conference Hall of the Royal Military Academy, in the presence of the 30 participating institutions.

Using GridFS to store files in MongoDB (Java)

MongoDB is a fantastic tool for storing large quantities of data in a JSON-like format.

Maven not running all JUnit tests

Here is a trick for solving a tricky and vicious maven bug...

Phising with 2FA bypass using Evilginx

Phising is a well-known method used by hackers to steal usernames and passwords by imitating a website. Due to the increasingly widespread use of two-factor-authentication methods (2FA), the majority of users think it is no longer possible to be phished. This feeling is reinforced by the fact that more and more websites are using HTTPS protocol by default. This article will show it is still possible to be phished, even with 2FA and a HTTPS connection.

An introduction to Laravel ORM : Eloquent

PHP Laravel

When working with an object oriented language, like PHP, Java or Python, an Object-Relational Mapping (ORM) tool allows to automatically convert model objects into rows in a database and vice-versa. It allows to easily save objects in a database, without worrying about writing appropriate SQL requests.

Using Laravel with a SQLite database

Laravel PHP

For a development environment or for small web applications, a SQLite database may be perfectly sufficient to store your data. It is also much lighter than a full blown MySQL database.

Using custom Docker images with GitLab

Docker GitLab

One of the interesting features of GitLab is the possibility to automatically run tests when code is pushed to the repository (Continus Integration):

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