Install Kubernetes on Ubuntu 22.04 with MicroK8s


Kubernetes is a complex beast, with lots of available drivers and plugins to handle different types of clusters. For example, to handle networking between pods in the cluster, you must install a CNI (Container Network Interface) plugin like Flannel, Calico, Weave Net, Cilium or other. To handle storage and volumes, you can install one of multiple CSI (Container Storage Interface) plugins like CephFS, GlusterFS, Google Cloud Storage etc. In this blog post we show how to use MicroK8s to simplify the installation process.

Hardening Apache

Secure Software Development

The example below provides some sound configuration parameters for Apache, to help protect your web application. These values can naturally be tweaked for your particular app.

We are coaching students for the Cyber Security Challenge

News Press review CSC

We are currently organizing coaching sessions in preparation for the Cyber Security Challenge that will take place in March. Students from the Royal Military Academy and from Molengeek are participating. Check the publication on BelDefNews...

Use Loki to monitor the logs of your docker compose application

Docker Monitoring

Loki is a log database developed by Grafana Labs. It is similar to Elasticsearch, with some major conceptual differences:

2-factor authentication for Laravel using TOTP


2-factor authentication is an important protection for a web application. In this blog post we see how Time based One Time Password (TOTP) authentication works, and how it can be implemented in a Laravel application...

Conference on digital transformation, cybersecurity and resilience : Digilience 2022


This week we are presenting 3 papers at Digilience 2022, the conference on digital transformation, cybersecurity and resilience, in Plovdiv (Bulgaria):

How (and why) to use TeX Live


LaTeX may be almost 40 years old now (first release dates from 1984), it is still a very active ecosystem. On CTAN, more than 100 packages are created or updated every month. To get the best results for your book or paper, you should keep your LaTeX packages updated. This is precisely the goal of TeX Live...

ssh-agent and ssh-add


You probably use ssh on a regular basis. It's easy and powerful. But once in a while you might be confronted to ssh utility tools like ssh-agent and ssh-add. What are these, and what are they used for?

We are looking for a new colleague!

News Jobs

This year we are starting a new project entitled "Using blockchain to secure the software supply chain". To work on this project, we are hiring a new researcher in cyberdefense.

Build and store Docker images with GitLab

GitLab Docker

With GitLab, you can add a job to your pipeline to build Docker images, and push them to the built-in container registry. Here is how...

Getting started with Ansible


Ansible is an extremely powerful configuration management system. Ansible is able to perform a wide range of tasks on a large and heterogeneous ensemble of devices. Indeed, it relies on a system of modules (plugins) that allow to perform different tasks like software provisioning, system and application configuration management, application-deployment etc. Moreover, Ansible modules exist to manage a wide variety of devices like Linux and Windows computers, but also network equipment like switches and routers, kubernetes clusters and other cloud services like AWS, GCE and Azure. For this reasons, Ansible is sometimes coined as an infrastructure automation engine.

File upload, validation and storage with Laravel

Laravel Cyrange

Laravel is a powerful framework, that offers all functionalities required to implement file upload, validation and storage. Here is a complete and concrete example.

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