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Defer, async and inline javascript


In this blog post, we explain and illustrate the effect of the defer and async attributes.

Save the planet : disable Facebook email notifications!

Green Computing

I consider myself a moderate Facebook user : I check my account roughly once a week, and I actually post something on my wall once a month, at best... And still, I receive approximately 20 emails per day notifying me that "Chuck Norris is a new friend suggestion" or "Mark Zuckerberg posted a new update". This is represents more than 7000 emails per year.

Configure rolling backups with rsnapshot


In this blog post we show how to use rsnapshot to configure nice and easy rolling backups.

Download BigBlueButton recordings as videos


BigBlueButton is a great platform for online teaching. It has many features like built-in drawing tools (even supports multi-user drawing), breakout rooms, chat, shared notes, polling, screen sharing, session recording etc. But, the recorded sessions are no actual videos.

We are looking for 2 new colleagues!

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We are starting 2 new research projects:

Log management with Loki : getting started

Monitoring DevOps

Loki is a log database developed by Grafana Labs. It's similar to Elasticsearch, with some major conceptual differences:

ICONS2021 : Best paper award!


Our paper entitled Adversarial Training for Deep Learning-based Intrusion Detection Systems presented at the International Conference on Systesm (ICONS2021) has received the best paper award!

Detect unnecessary 'use' statements with PHP CodeSniffer

PHP Secure Software Development

PHP Code Sniffer is a great tool to make sure your code is nicely written. Next to the default rules, you can also install and use additional rules (sniffs) to further enhance your code. Is here how to use PHPCS to detect (and remove) all unnecessary 'use' statements in your code.

MARk : add images to your detection reports


Since version 2.6.0, the Multi-Agent Ranking framework (MARk) offers the possibility to integrate images and other files in the reports generated by your detectors. Here is how...

GitLab : enable 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)


GitLab is a very powerful tool, and it also implements decent security measures and protections. But still, by default all your work on GitLab is protected by a single password, which could be guessed or stolen. To add an additional layer of protection, you can (and should) configure 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).

Packet Tracer : Getting started

Packet Tracer Video

In this video tutorial we show how to build a small network with Packet Tracer.

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