A bit of PIL for bit plane display

Python Steganography

Displaying image bit planes, in particular less significant ones, is an important task to reveal some image artefacts due to image degradation or manipulation. In particular, the Least Significant Bit (LSB) of pixel values is heavily used in steganography to hide messages in a cover image. We will see in this blog how to use the Python Imaging Library (PIL) to save and display an image containing some specified bit planes of a given image.

Apache : log real IP addresses behind a reverse proxy


It's quite common now to run your web application behind a reverse proxy or a loadbalancer. This is typically the case if you are running your application in a Kubernetes cluster. In this case, the IP address that is logged by Apache is the IP of the proxy server, which is quite misleading and useless. To get Apache to log the real IP address of the clients, you will have to enable and configure the module remoteip.

Laravel optimization : reduce CSS size


CSS files are a render blocking resource: the browser waits for your CSS files to be downloaded before rendering the page. This means that, as long as the browser is downloading CSS, the user is waiting in front of a black page...

2021 in numbers


2021 was (again) a special year for everybody. For us as well, but we managed to achieve some results! Here is

Run a development environment for Laravel with docker-compose

Laravel Docker

Developing and testing a Laravel project requires to install a substantial number of tools, with the correct version of each: PHP, composer, MySQL database, NPM etc. Moreover, for a substantial project, you will also have to run and test a queue worker and a scheduler. This can become quite complex and long to setup. In this blog post we show how to use docker-compose to run all of these in a single command line...

We are hiring an IT expert

News Jobs

We are hiring a new colleague!

Defer, async and inline javascript


In this blog post, we explain and illustrate the effect of the defer and async attributes.

Save the planet : disable Facebook email notifications!

Green Computing

I consider myself a moderate Facebook user : I check my account roughly once a week, and I actually post something on my wall once a month, at best... And still, I receive approximately 20 emails per day notifying me that "Chuck Norris is a new friend suggestion" or "Mark Zuckerberg posted a new update". This is represents more than 7000 emails per year.

New ways to run Kali Linux on Windows using WSL

Pentesting Offensive Security Linux Virtualization

Some time ago I wrote a blog about Installing Linux Bash Shell (and Metasploit) on Windows 10. This is great, when we want to enjoy the best of both worlds- keep using Windows, with its out-of-the-box configuration and set-up, and still be able to use the powerful tools available for the Linux distribution. In my previous blog I went through the steps necessary for setting up WSL and installing an Ubuntu and Kali Linux distribution. Since then, a lot of advancements have been made to facilitate the use of these distributions for Windows Users.

MARk: Visualizations with D3.js

MARk JavaScript APT Detection

Detecting suspicious or malicious activity in a network is not a trivial task. In recent years the attacks perpetrated have grown in sophistication and frequency. For this reason a new detection tool was developed, in the form of the Multi Agent Ranking framework (MARk). MARk sets the groundwork for the implementation of large scale detection and ranking systems through the implementation of a distributed storage in conjuncture with highly specialized, stand-alone detector agents. The detector agents are responsible for analyzing specific predefined characteristics and producing a report of any suspicious activity encountered.

Secure your project with the GitLab SAST analyzers

Secure Software Development GitLab PHP Cyber-Wise

Learn how to secure any project with the GitLab SAST analyzers and easily separate the false positives from the real threats that should be addressed before deploying the project.

Laravel database transactions & mysqldump

Laravel MySQL PHP Cyber-Wise

Did you know that mysqldump can create inconsistent backups if you do not use database transactions in Laravel? Let's discover that issue and address it in order to avoid it. After setting up and running locally a Laravel project that will serve as a demo for that specific issue, we will observe the necessity of using transactions and how to implement them. We'll also discover many more tips while trying to understand what happens under the MySQL hood.

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