Create a Linux kernel module

Linux Sysadmin

In a previous blog post, I presented how to build your own Linux kernel. This time I will show how to create, compile and load a very simple kernel module...

IPFS-API: a go IPFS RPC API client

Blockchain golang

If you already research about web3 and decentralization, you probably stumbled on the Inter Planetary File System (IPFS). However if you wanted to use the API provided by the IPFS in one of your go program, you probably went crazy trying to understand how to use the API to finaly realize the documentation is not even up to date and refer to deprecated library. The IPFS-API module try to fill this gap and provide a basic yet simple to use package to interact with an IPFS RPC API endpoint.

Optimising Python programs with py-spy and timeit

Python RL

Reinforcement Learning environments need to be as fast as possible such that the agent can execute many steps in a very short amount of time. This is important since some problems the agent requires several million or even billions of steps before it converges.

Compile and install the Linux kernel

Linux Sysadmin

In this blog post I will show how to configure, compile and install a custom Linux kernel.

Get started with Laravel Sail

Laravel PHP Docker

Running an complete Laravel development environment requires multiple services: web server, database server, queue worker etc. Laravel Sail helps you install and use all these using docker containers. Here is how to use it...

Systemd : Basic concepts

Linux Sysadmin

Systemd is now the defacto standard init process on Linux systems. It is responsible for starting all required services... In this blog post we will present the basic concepts of systemd : basic usage, units and dependencies.

Analyse of a crypto scam

Blockchain Ethereum

If you ever connected to a discord server related to ethereum (geth, you probably noticed that despite very useful information given about the technology, those server are also unfortunately full of scammer... Let's have a look at one of them and analyse the scam it propose.

Standalone Security Onion, a perfect SIEM solution for small networks

Sysadmin Network analysis and visualization Linux Monitoring SIEM

Security Onion is a free and open platform built by defenders for defenders. It includes network visibility, host visibility, intrusion detection honeypots, log management, and case management.

Use docker-compose to create a dev environment for Laravel 6, 7 and 8

Laravel Docker PHP

Setting up a Laravel environment requires to install and configure multiple components: the correct PHP version, of course, but also a database, node server, probably queue worker and scheduler. To get you quickly started, here is how to deploy a dev environment for Laravel with docker compose.

Sending SMS with a USB GSM modem (and Python)

SMS Phishing Python Cyber-Wise

Despite its occasional unreliability as seen here and there, SMS remains a common communication method. Before diving into Python, understanding AT commands is a good start for interfacing with a USB GSM modem. This concise guide lays out the steps to integrate SMS functionality into your projects, enabling you to utilize the power of SMS communication with ease.

Solidity: ABI encoding explained

Blockchain Ethereum Smart Contract

If you have already been curious about how Ethereum smart contract works under the hood or even participated to a CTF where you had to exploit some weakness in smart contract, you probably stumble upon the solidity abi encoding page. Even if this is the reference paper, it can look a bit difficult to understand and it's not easily readable even though it's not really difficult. Let's review how the encoding is working with the help of few example.

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