Avoid Docker Hub pull limit with Gitlab

GitLab Docker

If you are familiar with Docker, you most likely know Docker Hub. For the others, a quick definition: Docker Hub is a service for finding and sharing container images. It is the world largest container image repository. It is widely used around the world

What is and why you should use it


In everyday life we need to constantly keep ourselves reminded of important information. Some people write this information on post-it notes, notebooks or using programs such as Microsoft Word or Google Notes. The problem is, that information is in itself transitive- one piece of data or a note can lead to another one and it can become cumbersome and difficult to follow the trail of information. Our brain works the same way, usually we store information by association- to remember a fact, we try to think, for example, of where we learned the fact, or who told it to us, and follow the links to the information we try to remember.

Install and use Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) on Ubuntu


Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) is a Dell utility to monitor your Dell servers. Here is how to install and use OMSA on a Ubuntu server...

Bpost Android Malware


Recently, a lot of people received several text messages about a parcel delivered by Bpost. The message asks you to click on a link. Of course, this text message is a spam and most of the recent Android devices classify this message in a Spam section automatically. However, because a lot of people are ordering on the Internet, this message could seem legitimate.

Run your Laravel application on Kubernetes

Kubernetes Laravel

In this blog post series we will present how to deploy a Laravel app on Kubernetes. In this first tutorial, we start with a simple setup, and leave horizontal scaling and high-availability for a follow-up post...

Laravel Custom Logging

Laravel PHP

For the majority of developed program, it is necessary to use a robust and efficient Log mechanism. It is of course the case for a web interface. It is important to be able to track potential bugs or issues.

Multi-tenant Kubernetes cluster : namespace, quota and kubectl user


When multiple users must use the same kubernetes cluster, a good practice consists in segregating them in isolated namespaces. In this tutorial we show how to create a namespace, apply quotas so the user cannot exhaust the resources (memory and cpu) of the cluster, and create a dedicated kubectl user.

Add users to a group in Nextcloud


If you are administrator of a group in Nextcloud, you have the possibility to create accounts yourself, and to add these new users to your group. Doing so, they will have access to all folders shared with the group. Here is a step-by-step example.

Collecting data with Filebeat

Monitoring APT Detection

In modern network infrastructures, there are a lot of sources of data, that can be of interest for collection and analysis, to see if possible suspicious activity is present in the network. More often than not, this data is collected and send to a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tool, running on the network, where it can be processed and reviewed by domain specialists.

Create your own VM image for the Cyber Range

Cyrange Cyber Range

cyrange is a Cyber Range platform built on top of VirtualBox. It brings some some additional features to support education and training:

The ELK Stack and how to use it

Monitoring APT Detection

Managing big networks can be quite complicated- many inbound and outbound requests, network traffic, email correspondence and other activities that need to be monitored. It is quite easy for an attacker to obfuscate his actions, when we are confronted with large amounts of network data to analyze. Luckily there are ways to aggregate all this data and store it so it can be reviewed and hopefully discover any abnormal activity. Of course, I am talking about the use of a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) framework. One such framework that has gained a lot of popularity, because of its modularity and open-source nature, is the ElasticSearch/Logstash/Kibana framework.

Change the MAC address of your Linux system

Offensive Security Sysadmin

Still today, some network monitoring tools and security systems rely on the MAC address of the host. However, a MAC address is not an authentication mechanism! It can be easily changed. More precisely, by default most operating systems will use the MAC address burnt into the network interface as the source MAC address for all emitted Ethernet frames. But you can easily reconfigure your system to change this behavior. Here is how to do that on a Linux computer.

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